Male Idol Claims He Was Physically Assaulted By Fellow Group Member

“I still can’t forget that day, with blood running down my face.”

Member Chibin from K-Pop boy group MASC uploaded a concerning post on his Instagram, hinting he had been beaten by a fellow teammate whom the fans have tracked down likely to be ACE.


Via his Instagram update, Chibin claimed, “You’re the only one I’ve unfollowed.” This became the hint for MASC fans to find out that something may have gone wrong between ACE and Chibin.

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“I guess you know what you did is wrong but you only want to run from it and don’t want to pay for it. You don’t plan on apologizing for beating me up physically and mentally that day, huh? Hyung, you’re the only one I’ve unfollowed. Do you know why? It gives me the chills to see you post stuff on your account like nothing has happened. It makes me shiver. I know you’re reading this. If you think I’m okay, you’re very wrong. You’ve got this all wrong. When I lie down at night with the lights off, I’m reminded of that night. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see the scars from that day. Don’t you dare think it’s nothing, that everything is in the past. I still can’t forget that day, with blood running down my face. The day I sat in the rain, crying and screaming.”

— Chibin


A “friend” of Chibin reported pictures from the night of the incident, stating Chibin was in a lot of pain since the abuse.

“Chibin told me, back in March, that he was physically abused by a teammate when they used to live in a dorm together. Chibin had such a hard time following that incident. He hasn’t been able to do anything with the group. He’s in so much despair.”

— Friend of Chibin’s


With these clues, fans are convinced the member who abused Chibin is ACE. Not only has Chibin unfollowed ACE, Chibin called the person“Hyung (형, a term for an older male from a male)” and ACE is older than Chibin.


While the agency J Planet Entertainment is yet to respond to this controversy, Chibin’s fans have been supportive since the member came forward to share his story.

Source: Dispatch and Wikitree