Most Male Idols Prefer Being Brazilian Waxed By Females—Here’s Why

Two professionals reveal it all.

Many male idols go to waxing salons to have their hair removed, and it turns out most ask for females over males!

In an episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, professional estheticians Sukjeong and Jin from House Waxing shared why male idols have this preference.

Sukjeong (left) and Jin (right).

A netizen asked what male idols think of being waxed by a female.

Lately, a lot of male idols get Brazilian waxing. What do you think of a female waxer doing it?

— Netizen comment, “AYO”

According to Sukjeong, they view it as a routine activity that doesn’t hold any meaning to them.

We get this a lot, but we wax feeling like a doctor at a hospital, so we’re not really thinking of anything.

— Sukjeong

Jin agreed and shared how there are occasions when male idols are embarrassed, so they ask for a male waxer.

There’s nothing special for male idols. Sometimes, they feel too embarrassed, and say they can’t get it from a female waxer, then a male waxer does it.

— Jin

In actuality, however, most surprisingly prefer female waxers because it would be “more shameful” to show themselves to a male waxer.

But actually, most males prefer a female waxer over a male waxer, saying it’s more shameful to show it to a man, and they ask for a female waxer.

— Jin

Sukjeong ended by explaining another reason why they ask for females.

Generally, female waxers have more experience, so I think they prefer female waxers more.

— Sukjeong

Hear more stories about the waxing secrets of idols in the full video below.

Source: AYO