Japanese Agency Employee Allegedly Raped And Sexually Assaulted Male Idol Famous For His Feminine Visuals

He forced him into the bathroom and committed unthinkable crimes to him.

A famous male idol in Japan was reportedly assaulted and raped by a high ranking employee from his agency.

Japanese news site, Weekly Wenchun, reported that the employee named Tsuyoshi Osawa forced Nishioka Kengo (24) into a bathroom and raped him.

Kengo debuted at a young age of 19. He quickly rose to fame thanks to his feminine beauty, funny wit, and multiple talents. He’s frequently mistaken for a girl due to his petite frame, small face, and pretty visuals.

Just as he was doing well in his career, Kengo suddenly announced last year that he will quit his life as an idol.

It was later revealed that he had wanted to quit the industry since a long time ago but he didn’t have the courage to come forward.

Kengo (middle) with his boy group, MAGIC PRINCE.

When he finally conveyed his wish to quit, his agency (Watanabe Entertainment) held a meeting to discuss his career. Osawa was reportedly at the meeting. Reports claimed he sexually harassed Kengo during the meeting by stroking his thighs, putting his hand down Kengo’s pants, touching his privates and more.

Osawa later grabbed Kengo’s arm and dragged him to the bathroom. There, he allegedly pushed Kengo to the ground and forced him to have oral sex among other sexual assaults.


According to sources, Osawa had used his high status to try to make Kengo his lover since 2018. They suspect Osawa is the reason why Kengo decided to quit the industry.

The case is currently under investigation by the police.

Source: Insight