A Male TWICE Fan Left JYP Speechless on Super Intern

Many fans would probably agree with him.

On the January 24 airing of Mnet’s Super Intern, Park Jin Young conducted 1-on-2 interviews for the intern position.

Super Intern is a new reality program that gives passionate people the opportunity to work in the entertainment business, regardless of their qualifications on paper.

During the interview, a huge TWICE fan showed up as an interviewee and caught Park Jin Young off guard.

Park Jin Young brought up the fact that in the section where the interviewees were asked to write down the strengths of JYP, this TWICE fan wrote down that TWICE was their biggest strength.

Following this mention, Park Jin Young asked him the same question:

“What’s the biggest strength of our company?”


In response, the interviewee once again answered that their biggest strength was TWICE, and startled Park Jin Young once more.

Park Jin Young failed to hide his shock as he asked:

“Does our company have no strength besides TWICE?”


In the end, Park Jin Young passed eight applicants and an additional four applicants after that.

The 12 selected interns will embark on their first day at JYP in the episodes to come.

Will you be watching?

Source: TV Report