Male Version Of Celeb Five, Maheun5, To Make Their Debut

They’re debuting!

Recently, it has been announced that comedians Kim Won Hyo, Kim Ji Ho, Park Sung Kwang, Park Young Jin and Heo Kyung Hwan will be forming their own male version of Celeb Five called Forty Five (also known as Maheun5). They will be making their debut today, October 24, with the song “Twenty Four Years Old”. The song is produced by famous trot singer, Hong Jinyoung.

Kim Won Hyo has stated that they all took a challenge by pursuing a music career. The members all agree that though they are in their 40s, they still manage to try new things and make good memories with their friends.

Forty Five plans to communicate with fans in various ways, including broadcasts, radio shows, music shows, and magazine shoots.

Source: Naver