This Male Vocalist’s Most Recent Fan Meeting Proves His Talent Is Unrivaled In Korea

His fans gathered from all over the country to see him.

Park Hyoshin, who debuted way back in 1999 when the Korean music industry was blossoming with modern K-Pop that we know and love now, has since gained a huge and loyal fanbase that love him for his deep and rich voice.

He has earned the nickname of “Captain” among his fans, for being the center of the fandom and their world.


And at his most recent fan meeting held on July 2, 2019 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, Korea, “Captain” Park Hyoshin got to meet and greet his fans who showered him nothing but pure love and support!


The arena’s 15K seats were filled up with Park Hyoshin’s old and new fans. Even though the fan meeting was held on a weekday, his fans gathered from all around the country to interact with Park Hyoshin a little more up close and personal.


During the fan meeting, Park Hyoshin blessed his fans with live performances and small talks. Fans who were at this fan meeting are now calling it a surreal experience, pointing out that they’ve “had the time of their lives” and “heard him confess his love for the fans a million times”.


Park Hyoshin is currently doing a series of concerts, reported to have sold over 110K tickets nationwide. While he has recently gotten involved in a fraud lawsuit, Park Hyoshin remains unshaken in his reputation. With his unrivaled talent in singing and everlasting visual, this captain is still smooth sailing as one of Korea’s legendary vocalists.

Watch a video from the fan meeting and check out the amazing connection between the fans and Park Hyoshin himself:

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