The Predicted Main Award Winners For The 2023 “MAMA Awards” and “MelOn Music Awards”

A couple of artists come up multiple times.

We’re getting close to that time of the year where the major K-Pop music awards shows will soon be airing, and fans are already trying to predict which artists might take home the biggest awards. The awards for shows such as the MAMA Awards and the MelOn Music Awards are determined by a number of factors, such as digital success, album sales, streaming numbers, and others depending on the category. Therefore, how well certain artists, songs, and albums have been performing so far this year can be a good indicator of who will take home the “Artist of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, and other major wins at these awards shows!

There are seven major awards being predicted for the MAMA Awards. The first is the highly coveted “Artist of the Year” award, which NewJeans is currently predicted to win! NCT DREAM comes in second, while SEVENTEEN is in a close third.

A more exclusive category is the “Best Male Artist” award, which is predicted to be taken by BTS‘s Jimin. However, fellow BTS members VAgust D (Suga), and Jungkook are also in the running, as is Lim Youngwoong.

On a similar note, the “Best Female Artist” award is being predicted to go to BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo. She has a very large lead on everyone else, with TWICE‘s Jihyo ranked closest in second place.

Next up is the “Best Male Group” award, and in the lead for that prediction is NCT DREAM. SEVENTEEN is in second place, while Stray Kids is in third.

And of course, there’s also the “Best Female Group” award, which is also predicted to be taken by NewJeans. IVE is in a distant second place, while aespa is a close third after that.

There are a couple of top competitors for the “Album of the Year” category, but at this time, SEVENTEEN’s FML album is predicted to take the win! In second place is ★★★★★ (5-STAR) by Stray Kids, while NCT DREAM is in third with ISTJ.

Finally, NewJeans is also predicted to take home the “Song of the Year” award with “Ditto”! IVE has a chance though, too, coming in second with “I Am”, and Jungkook is in third with his solo debut “Seven”.

For the MelOn Music Awards, there are a total of eight award categories being predicted. Similar to the MAMA Awards, the first is the “Artist of the Year” award, which is also set to go to NewJeans. However, for the MMAs, IVE is in second place while NCT DREAM comes in third.

Interestingly, the “Best Female Solo Artist” for this awards show is predicted to go to Lee Young Ji, with ZIA in a close second and Jisoo coming in third.

And for the “Best Male Solo Artist” award, Jungkook is the BTS member predicted to win! Very close behind him, though, is Woody, and Lim Youngwoong comes in third.

Unsurprisingly, NewJeans is also expected to take home the “Best Female Group Artist” award at the MelOn Music Awards. IVE is in second place with a large gap between their points, and LE SSERAFIM is in third.

As for the “Best Male Group Artist” award, the predicted winner for this awards show is also NCT DREAM. SEVENTEEN is ranked in second, while their popular subunit BSS is in third.

One category that this awards show has that the MAMA Awards doesn’t is the “Top 10” category. At this time, the ranking is predicted as follows: NewJeans in first, IVE in second, NCT DREAM in third, LE SSERAFIM in fourth, (G)I-DLE in fifth, aespa in sixth, Jungkook in seventh, Woody in eighth, STAYC in ninth, and Lim Youngwoong in tenth.

Their prediction for “Best Album” is much different than the MAMA Awards, with IVE’s I’ve IVE predicted to take the win. NewJeans’ album Get Up comes in second, while LE SSERAFIM’s UNFORGIVEN takes third.

Finally, NewJeans once again has the best chance of winning another award, with the “Best Song” category predicted to go to “Ditto”. IVE’s “I Am” is in second, and (G)I-DLE’s “Queencard” is in third.

What do you think about these awards predictions?