MAMAMOO Anti-Fans Start Rumor That Hwasa Is Homophobic And Doesn’t Support LGBT

Anti-fan alleged that Hwasa implied being gay was against her beliefs.

MAMAMOO anti-fans started a fake rumor that began circulating on social media that Hwasa is homophobic. As the rumor goes, a “fan” asked Hwasa how she would feel if any of MAMAMOO’s other members liked girls. Allegedly, Hwasa replied, “I’d be afraid she’d have a crush on me and it goes against my beliefs.

As any true K-Pop fan and Moomoo knows, Hwasa would never say anything to intentionally hurt her LGBTQiA fans or the community.

In fact, MAMAMOO has been very openly supportive of the LGBTQiA community, with member Moonbyul posted a very touching message on “National Coming Out Day”. Additionally, the girls invited genderfluid dance group Pinky Cheeks to join them in performing on national TV.

Moomoos can rest assured knowing that not only did Hwasa not say it, but anti-fans have no definitive evidence to prove otherwise.

Source: KQuora