MAMAMOO Postpones Concert Following Fan Protests Against The Agency

RBW listened to the fans’ vocal concerns.

RBW Entertainment has decided to listen to the fans and postpone MAMAMOO’s concert for a later date. 


The agency posted the announcement through their official fan cafe. The decision was made after tallying fans’ vote about the issue. The pre-sale tickets for the fanclub was also cancelled accordingly. 


Previously, MAMAMOO’s official fanclub declared a boycott against the concert as a protest to RBW Entertainment’s treatment of the group. They have cited the incidents where members’ healths deteriorated due to unreasonable scheduling since the start of the year. 

Fans Threaten To Boycott MAMAMOO’s Concert If RBW Treatment Doesn’t Improve 


The agency initially decided to push through with the concert but was won over by the fans’ concern in the end. 


Meanwhile, RBW has asked fans to focus on MAMAMOO’s comeback as they release their new single on November 29. 

Source: SportsToday