MAMAMOO To Drop Pre-Release Track Ahead Of Comeback — MooMoo Helped Make It Possible

This month just got even better!

Before making their powerful return with the release of a brand new album in November, MAMAMOO is set to heat things up this October with a pre-release track!

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Last week, MAMAMOO announced they would be returning this November with their 10th mini-album called Travel. Since then, the queens recently dished out even more amazing news announcing that they’ll be releasing a track ahead of the album release.

Although not originally in the plans, the decision for the pre-release eventually came about thanks to MooMoos.

Talking to Osen, RBW Entertainment director Kim Do Hoon opened up about the decision for a title track and revealed, “We made quite a lot of songs while preparing for MAMAMOO’s new mini-album. When choosing the title tack, there were various opinions. After a lot of contemplation, we got a direct evaluation from fans who have always loved MAMAMOO.”

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With content already being prepared for a song different than MooMoos top choice, RBW Entertainment and MAMAMOO discussed for a long time to decide what to do. After a while, the decision was made to prepare stages for both songs and release one ahead of the official comeback!

For a long time, we discussed with the MAMAMOO members to find a way to bring out the charm of the two songs. The result was that all of us wanted to prepare and fully show the fans the stage of both songs. Therefore, after many ups and downs, we finally decided to release a song before the official release on November 11.

— Kim Do Hoon, RBW Entertainment director

The new pre-release track will allow everyone to get a taste of the amazing comeback content MAMAMOO will be serving up with their album as well as give fans even more fire performances from the powerhouse group!

| @mamamoo_official/Instagram

MAMAMOO, meanwhile, is set to drop their pre-release song on October 20 before making their official return with the mini-album Travel on November 3.

Source: Osen and Star News


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