MAMAMOO’s Fan Union Announce A Boycott Of Their Upcoming Online Concert

They have announced their intent to boycott the concert.

RBW Entertainment recently announced that MAMAMOO would be holding their first online concert in over 2 years titled WAW, and on August 17, dropped teaser images for this concert.

MAMAMOO | RBW Entertainment

This news, however, comes after the agency’s announcement that they would be merging MAMAMOO’s official Youtube channel with theirs, which means official teasers, trailers, MVs and the like will now be released on RBW Entertainment’s channel.

Fans believe this is unfair because this means that MAMAMOO would lose their huge following on Youtube, and the difference in followers between the two channels is too much, with MAMAMOO having over 6 million followers on their channel…

| @MAMAMOO/Youtube

…while RBW Entertainment’s official channel, so far, has only 111K followers.

| @RainbowbridgeWorld/Youtube

Following this announcement, MAMAMOO’s fan union announced a boycott of their upcoming concert taking place on August 28, stating reasons such as the merging of the Youtube channel, as well as lack of promotions for the concert in the first place, with teasers dropping on the day of ticket sales (August 17), rather than before.

Unlike the previous concerts, there is no teaser of this concert even one day before the ticket sales.

—MAMAMOO’s fan union

| RBW Entertainment

You can read the fan union’s whole statement here:

RBW Entertainment has yet to release a statement about this issue.

Source: The Qoo