MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Sexy Outfit From #2018MAMA Becomes Controversial Among Netizens

Some call it “inappropriate”, while others call it “hot as f*ck”.

During the 2018 MAMA Fans’ Choice in Japan, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa put on a fiery show by performing her hit duo ‘Above Live’.


She donned a skin-tight red latex bodysuit, paired with thigh high boots and a drop-dead-sexy persona!


As her intro, she performed a sexy choreography where she showed off all the goods that her mama gave her!


However, Korean netizens began bashing on Hwasa for her outfit, claiming was too sexy and that it didn’t fit the “Korean standards”.

  • “I mean, sexy has its limits. I was shocked by her short outfit during MelOn Music Awards, but compared to MAMA…. I’m seriously wondering it her stylist lost her mind. I’m lost for words…”
  • “Her performance was full of charisma but it was unfortunate that all of the attention was stolen by her outfit”
  • “Her face and body looks okay but was her performance good? Nono. It didn’t fit the Korean standards”
  • “Does that look good to you? It’s too much. It’s tighter than the average underwear; Everyone who points fingers at the average person wearing underwear, it’s f*cking ridiculous how you’re suddenly changing tones”
  • “Wow I feel f*cking embarrassed as a fellow female and a fellow Korean sighㅠㅠ”


The opinions ultimately became split as other netizens claimed that it wasn’t too much but just down right sexy.

  • “I thought it was just f*cking sexy.. I watched her with my mouth open.”
  • “Hwasa probably wore it because she’s fine with it. I thought it was amazing ;;;;”
  • “lol How do you watch foreign music videos if you think this is too much?”
  • “Why do male idols who take off their tops get praised but female idols who show off a little cleavage get cursed out~!?”
  • “…? It must be personal taste because I definitely don’t think it was too much.”
  • “Did Hwasa go to perform at North Korea? And she doesn’t even wear that everyday. She wore it for a special performance, and who are you do deem that she shouldn’t challenge new styles?”


Others uploaded photos of American artists, who are also popular in Korea, wearing skin tight, revealing clothes. They argued that there weren’t any differences between Hwasa’s choice of clothing versus their favorite foreign singers’.


The argument continued as netizens began to claim that Hwasa’s outfit wouldn’t have been acceptable if a thinner idol wore it. Others also argued that it was unacceptable that male idols were praised for wearing revealing clothes while female idols were not.

  • “I don’t understand why everyone who bashed on pretty idols wearing short outfits are praising Hwasa’s outfits hahaha Is it because you guys look like Hwasa?”
  • “If you’re pretty, you’re sexualized, but if you’re not pretty you don’t become sexualized but deemed a bold woman ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is why I gag at feminism”
  • “If TWICE or IZ*ONE wore that same outfit, they would get bashed on for being sexualized objects ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “If you’re going to hate on Hwasa for showing some skin, let me advocate that it’s uncomfortable when MONSTA X keeps showing off their chests. Tell them to stop too then.”


This isn’t the first time Hwasa’s oufit became a controversy. Back in August, she wore a similar red outfit for MAMAMOO’s solo concert. Netizens were also split about her outfit when videos from the concert were released.


On the other hand, foreign fans have been more than excited about Hwasa’s choice of wardrobe!

Source: Nate Pann


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