MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Is The Main Event With Actress Anne Hathaway At The Valentino Fashion Show

Hwasa looks stunning!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is currently attending the Valentino fashion show in Rome, and fans can’t get enough of her stunning visuals.

Hwasa | @SM__WH/Twitter
| @SM__WH/Twitter

And her smile at seeing her fans only made her look more radiant.

| @XIAOWHEE/Twitter 

The talented K-Pop idol is undoubtedly the main event at the fashion show, sitting front row next to famous actress Anne Hathaway. The two gorgeous celebrities look like they even planned to sit next to each other as they are adorably wearing the same heels and similar pink outfits.

Anne Hathaway and Hwasa | @moomoonstarrr/Twitter

Fans, understandably, can’t get over the sight of the two icons seated next to each other.

| @weedforjade/Twitter

Especially since they seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

| @weedforjade/Twitter

Fans of the idol are also praising Hwasa’s kindness since she kept trying to interact with fans even though her security didn’t let her.

And fans are understandably proud that Hwasa is receiving such well-deserved treatment at the iconic fashion show.

Hopefully we’ll get a selfie of the two icons together!