The Staggering Cost Of MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Signature Hairstyle Revealed

HOW much?! 🤯

There’s no doubt that MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has some of the most luscious-looking hair in K-Pop, but how much does it cost to get her style? In a new “Comment Defenders” video with AYO on YouTube, two veteran idol hair stylists who work with MAMAMOO revealed the staggering price involved.

Areumdara and Kang Jeong Mo are two of the hair styling directors at add’B—one of the most renowned salons in Seoul for hair extensions. Described as “the Samsung of the hair industry,” add’B is the salon of choice for many of the biggest stars in K-Pop, including TWICE, TXT, and MAMAMOO. If you’re a dedicated MooMoo, you may even have heard of their team before.

add’B’s Areumdara and Kang Jeong Mo | AYO 에이요/YouTube

Talking to AYO, Kang Jeong Mo recalled a time when the MAMAMOO members were talking with fans after a music show and announced, “The director for our hair extensions is here; we’re so thankful!” According to Kang, the fans in the crowd began chanting the salon’s name and praising them for a job well done.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

It was so touching and flattering.

— Kang Jeong Mo

But even when you consider how well-installed MAMAMOO’s hair extensions are, you may still be surprised to learn the staggering cost involved in getting them—particularly in the case of Hwasa.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa | @rbw_mamamoo/Twitter

Kang Jeong Mo explained that Hwasa loves a “super-rich” and full style of hair, and there’s no doubt that her locks look luxurious. However, the director went on to explain that to create Hwasa’s look, you need particularly long (and particularly expensive) hairpieces.

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

In total, Kang says that Hwasa’s hair extensions cost around ₩750,000 KRW (about $649 USD)! While that may not be expensive for a high-earning star like Hwasa, it certainly sounds pricey from a fan perspective.

| Harper’s Bazaar

That said, Kang Jeong Mo and Areumdara explained that hair extensions like Hwasa’s can actually save money and time in the long run because idols don’t have to go to the salon as often when they have them. Many may initially balk at the cost, but Areumdara revealed, “My customers think ‘Why did I think about it so hard?’ after getting extensions.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube
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