MAMAMOO’s Hwasa to Make Sexy Solo Debut in Red Lingerie

The “Korean Beyoncé” will officially debut this month.

On February 7, RBW announced Hwasa‘s solo debut with the message:

“MAMAMOO’s Hwasa will make her solo debut on February 13. We poured our heart and soul into the digital single filled with Hwasa’s distinct color, so please look forward to it.”

Hwasa debuted with MAMAMOO back in 2014, so her first solo debut is coming 5 years since her group debut.

Hwasa has collaborated with Loco for their hit, “Don’t” and even wrote “Be Calm” for MAMAMOO’s sixth mini album, but this will be her first solo song under solely her name.

Ahead of RBW’s official announcement, they also uploaded content related to Hwasa’s solo debut on MAMAMOO’s official Twitter account.

The video shows Hwasa laying in bed in a very sexy manner while wearing red lingerie by Babe Appeal.

This sneak peek is only feeding the fans’ excitement for this powerful vocalist’s sexy and charismatic solo debut.

February 13 can’t come any sooner!

Source: Insight
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