MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Receives Mixed Reactions For Her “R-Rated” Behavior Deemed Inappropriate For A Live Performance

Many netizens saw no issues due to the audience, but not everyone agreed!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has always gained praise for her unreal performance skills, combining her talent, sexiness, and connection with the crowds. Yet, the idol gained mixed reactions with an “R-Rated” action during a recent performance.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa | @_mariahwasa/Instagram

Since debuting, Hwasa has always gained attention for her fierce and sexy performances. Whether she is on stage with the other members of MAMAMOO or solo, the idol makes her presence known and has audiences hooked.

Even within the past week, Hwasa gained attention after her trusting relationship with fans after allowing them to touch her bum during a performance.

Yet, while Hwasa is usually praised for her unfiltered behavior and love for fans, a recent clip has gained mixed reactions from netizens.

On May 12th, Hwasa attended the Sungkyunkwan University Humanities & Social Sciences Campus Festival. Rather than performing with MAMAMOO, she was there as a member of “Dancing Queens on the Road.”

The poster for the show Hwasa is featured on and is being filmed | tvN

While Hwasa undoubtedly put on an amazing show, one moment sparked controversy amongst netizens.

During the set, Hwasa made a gesture of licking her hand with her tongue and then put her hand on a specific body part during the performance. The crowd went crazy as Hwasa continued to showcase her unreal stage presence and DGAF attitude.

| Wikitree 

While everyone attending cheered, netizens’ reactions online were mixed as the clips were shared online and quickly gained attention.

Many fans didn’t see an issue with it, considering it was an adults-only event, and it wasn’t going to be televised but just performed in front of an age-appropriate audience.

| theqoo
  • “But college festivals aren’t for adults only…? The local High Schools and the people living around the college can also attend. Festivals for adults are held at clubs.”
  • “This is a College festival, not a High School festival, so what’s the problem? If the performance crosses a line for broadcast TV, the producers will just edit it.”
  • “The show is rated PG 15. College festivals are attended by only adults anyways. It’s not like the performance will be broadcasted on TV as is, so why is this an issue?”

Yet, even those who agreed that Hwasa should be allowed to perform in any way she liked, considering the age of the audience, many didn’t understand why she needed to do those actions.

| theqoo
  • “I don’t really mind since the college festival is targeting adults, but does she have to do stuff like that?”
  • “I mean, it’s a performance attended by adults, but did she really have to do all that?”

Hwasa has always received mixed reactions to her performances, but for many fans, her ability to not care about “Korean standards” and have fun on stage is why they love her so much.

Source: Wikitree

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