MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals Why She’s No Longer A Heavy Drinker, And Her Reasons Are Both Practical And Hilarious

A drunk Hwasa is even more chaotic than her usual self somehow.

In episode 5 of Things That Make Me Groove, MAMAMOO were their usual chaotic and endearing selves, to the delight of all their fans. As a show centered around drinking, one of the hosts, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, asked the girls about their drinking capacities. The group was divided in half: Moonbyul and Wheein were heavy drinkers, while Solar and Hwasa were lightweights.

채널 십오야/YouTube

Hwasa used to be a heavy drinker, but now, she’s limited herself to only a few drinks at a time.

This is mostly because of a single incident that happened during the first vacation MAMAMOO got after their debut.

Since it was their first break, everyone went home to spend time with their family. But because Hwasa had drunk so much the day before the vacation started, she ended up staying at the dorm alone the whole week since she was sick.

Hwasa experiences horrible hangovers, so it’s no surprise she never drinks too much. However, there’s one more reason why she’s no longer a heavy drinker: she loses everything when she’s drunk.

In this situation, Hwasa lost her entire bag and instead took home two rolls of toilet paper! It seems that when she was drunk, she somehow mistook the toilet paper for her purse.

The bag had everything, from her wallet to the tablet MAMAMOO used in place of a phone.

We didn’t have a phone at the time. We used the tablet to email each other.

— Moonbyul

Because their agency hadn’t allowed them to have personal phones at the time, the tablet was basically the only source of MAMAMOO’s communication and photos.

It didn’t even have a password, so whoever found Hwasa’s bag would open the tablet to find all sorts of strange and silly photos of the girls.

To this day, Hwasa has no idea where that tablet is. Thanks to this huge incident, Hwasa’s since refrained from drinking too much, but she probably has more fun now that she doesn’t have to worry about awful hangovers and losing her things.


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