MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Expertly Clowns Fans At “2022 Paris Fashion Week” 

The “secret” is finally out.

What is MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa up to in Paris? After nearly a week, the “secret” is finally out!


On March 1, Hwasa surprised fans by arriving in Paris just in time for 2022 Paris Fashion Week. Fashion’s most prestigious designers will present their new Fall/Winter collections at venues throughout the city from February 28 to March 8.

| @bubble_gum_soul/Twitter 

At the time, some MOOMOOs thought Hwasa would take part in PRADA‘s Fall/Winter show.

Instead, Hwasa hosted her own fashion shoot in her hotel room and toured Paris like any ordinary traveler.

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram
| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

I’ll be in your overflowing love for a while. Thank you.

— Hwasa’s caption

As days of events passed by, MOOMOO’s curiosity grew stronger. If not PRADA, would Hwasa appear in the Valentino show? Once again, she proved fans’ theories wrong!

Finally, MOOMOO’s patience has paid off! Today, Louis Vuitton announced the show for their Women’s Fall/Winter collection.

Who will be at that show? None other than “Madame Hwasa!” Hwasa shared a photo of her invitation on Instagram

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

…as well as the date and time. Mark your calendars, Hwasa stans! The queen is about to make her grand entrance.

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

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