MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals What Her Must-Have Items Are In Her Bag

Yas queen!

Fashion icon and vocal queen MAMAMOO’s Hwasa takes over Vogue Korea’s YouTube channel as she shares what’s in her bag!

From perfume, apps, make-up, to must-have items, she reveals all in this episode of MYVOGUE.

The bag she carries with her is from Gucci and gives off a retro style with a modern twist.

She reveals that she used to use only large sized bags and wallets. But recently, she’s been down-sizing her bag and items!

She uses the Louis Vuitton pocket organizer as her wallet and carries around only the bare necessities.

Being a lover of perfume, her fragrance of choice is CREED‘s Royal Water. Previously, she used a Chanel fragrance for several years before switching things up. She admitted that she would use a whole bottle of perfume in just one month!

Next is this silver hair clip, which she revealed was her must-have item.

This hair clip comes in handy so much that she would rather choose this clip over her phone if she had to!

Being an accessory queen, she carries around her daily selection of rings (both silver and gold).

To see what else she carries in her bag, watch the full video below!


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