MAMAMOO Members Reveal Why Solar Works So Hard

If anyone has a great work ethic it’s Solar

On an episode of Boss in the Mirror, members Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa reveal why their leader Solar works so hard.

Throughout the show, viewers have witnessed the leadership and determination of Solar. She runs her own YouTube channel, works in the RBW Entertainment building, evaluates trainees, and leads MAMAMOO.

When the show interviews the members, Moonbyul shares that she constantly questions Solar’s excessive work style.

Based on what I see, I think she’s hardest on herself. I always ask her ‘why do you drive yourself so hard? Is it really necessary?’ I say things like that. And she goes ‘It’s hard for me too.’ I reply ‘then you don’t have to do it!’ She goes ‘I can’t help it.

— Moonbyul

Moonbyul and Hwasa together agree that Solar pushes herself so hard because it makes her feel reassured.

Solar proves this to be true as she has her members repetitively practice their choreography over and over again. The girls are so busy practicing that Hwasa has no time to eat. Instead, she has to take bites of her food in between dances. Before Hwasa can finish chewing, Solar, still full of energy, wants to start up again.

Check out the full clip below:



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