MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Has An Adorable Habit, And It Was Her Fans Who Pointed It Out To Her

It’s such a cute habit of hers!

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul is a veteran idol with 8 years of experience, and it’s safe to say there’s a lot she knows about being an idol, as well as herself! But she recently revealed that her fans pointed out an absolutely adorable habit she has that she had no idea about before!

Moonbyul | @mo_onbyul/Instagram

Moonbyul and her labelmates Purple Kiss recently appeared on Weekly Idol together, where they promoted their comebacks together and played fun games as well!

Kwanghee, Eunhyuk, Moonbyul, and Purple Kiss

While answering questions about herself, Moonbyul revealed that there’s a certain action she does when she’s nervous, and she only noticed it while on a show! When Moonbyul is nervous, she tends to stand still with her arms down by her sides, and she has her index finger pointed outwards!

I realized this on a show. When I get nervous, my hands go like this! I actually noticed this on Weekly Idol! We [MAMAMOO] were on Weekly Idol, and I must have been watching the members do something. And I was standing with both my index fingers like this!


She revealed that it was her fans that pointed out this adorable habit of hers, and it’s something she can’t help but notice when she does it now!

My fans pointed the habit out to me!


Watch Moonbyul talk about her adorable habit here!

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