MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Confesses To Considering Taking A Career Break After Suffering “Idol Burnout”

Moonbyul became emotional after revealing why she’s scared to take a break!

When someone decides to become a K-Pop idol, they truly put their blood, sweat, and tears into their dream, and the hard work starts from the minute they become trainees. Yet, it has become more common for idols to now share some of the hardships of being in the K-Pop industry and the toll it can take on someone’s physical and mental health.

One idol who has recently opened up about the hardships is MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul | @mo_onbyul/Instagram

Since debuting with the group back in 2014, MAMAMOO has constantly been working and releasing music for their fans. Moonbyul is no exception, and alongside releasing music as a group…

MAMAMOO performing in Germany in 2022 | SBS   

And as a solo artist…

Moonbyul promoting her new solo track “CITT”

Moonbyul has also taken on a lot of other projects, including a YoutTube channel, her Studio Moon Night on Naver and constantly appearing on variety shows. Considering how much Moonbyul has going on, it is shocking that she still has the energy to do everything with 110%.

Moobyul as the host for her Naver show | Naver

Moonbyul recently appeared on SBS’s variety program Sleep Out. During the episode, Moonbyul and the rest of the cast read a letter they wrote for each other and in her letter, the MAMAMOO member reveals her recent concerns.

In her letter, Moonbyul became extremely emotional as she revealed that after so long in K-Pop, she had gotten to a point where she became tired.

I’ve been having these thoughts recently. I’ve been very tired… I’ve also been getting burnt out a lot too.

— Moonbyul

| @lunaestreIIad0s/Twitter 

Although it seemed to be the first time many fans have seen this raw side of Moonbyul, fellow guest Rina shared that the past few months have been tough for the idol. In particular, after testing positive for COVID in April, it has taken a toll on the singer.

Byulie fainted quite a few times. Her post-COVID symptoms were really serious, and her health wasn’t that great. She was holding everything in even though she was having a hard time.

— Rina

| @lunaestreIIad0s/Twitter

Like many idols have recently shared, Moonbyul admitted that she had a moment where she had doubts about whether she wanted to carry on in K-Pop. For someone as strong and powerful as Moonbyul, it showcased the idol’s vulnerability.

I kept having thoughts these days,’Is it right for me to continue?’ As well as ‘Is it right for me to continue this job?’

— Moonbyul

| @lunaestreIIad0s/Twitter

Yet, like many senior idols, Moonbyul shared why she worries about taking time off, especially in an industry that is always moving and where idols and groups seem to be debuting monthly.

If I take a break now, I have to start all over again. I kept having these kind of thoughts these days. I feel like there won’t be a next time if I take time off now. So, many things are going inside my head these days.

— Moonbyul

| @lunaestreIIad0s/Twitter

When the clip was shared on social media, fans flocked to show their support for Moonbyul, with many sharing how they want the idol to rest and will always be there for her when she comes back.

It also meant that when Moonbyul announced that she would be taking a break from Studio Moon Night that fans felt relieved that the idol would be having some time off to rest. After having her recent comeback with “Cheese In The Trap,” MAMAMOO schedules and the show, it is about time that Moonbyul has a rest.

Moonbyul has always put all of her efforts into making sure she can be the best idol possible for fans. Yet, seeing a more vulnerable side to her has reminded netizens that idols are humans, and the constant working and promoting can take its toll.

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