MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Is The Definition Of Confident When Asked What “Girl Crush” Means To Her

Girl Crush = Moonbyul.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar did a Q&A with her members during the filming of “ILLELLA,” and one of the questions she asked Moonbyul was, “What does girl crush mean to you?” Moonbyul was the definition of confident with her response.

There was a word “girl crush” when I began showing up.

— Moonbyul

솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube

The word “girl crush” (in Korean, it’s one word) has been so often associated with Moonbyul ever since her debut that for Moonbyul, it’s synonymous with her name.

She even jokingly put her copyright to the word, saying that if you want to use “girl crush,” you have to put her name in parentheses next to it.

If you would like to use the word girl crush, please use the parenthesis and write Moonbyul in it.

— Moonbyul

Moonbyul is overflowing with chic charisma, making everyone fall in love with her with every word and action. Even her message to MOOMOOs had fans swooning.

Unnie is going to make it big, so get your hearts ready.

— Moonbyul

Whenever Moonbyul’s on stage, she never fails to shake our hearts with her flirtatious actions, making it impossible to resist her lethal charm.

On top of her charisma, Moonbyul is the perfect girl crush because of her immense talent that crushes the competition. Like for most of MAMAMOO’s albums, Moonbyul was involved in every aspect, and she proudly boasts about it.

Whether it’s singing, dancing, rapping, or songwriting, Moonbyul did it all.

Also, she’s the most credited female idol in K-Pop, with 107+ credits under her name. Moonbyul is a queen, and her confidence, beauty, and talent make her the ultimate girl crush.


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