MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Almost Never Goes On Variety Shows—Here’s Why

She revealed why!

For many MooMoos, MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul is a hugely talented idol who’s gorgeous, witty, and funny, all the traits that are perfect for variety shows! But Moonbyul recently talked about her lack of appearance on variety shows in the past, and revealed why she doesn’t like to go on these shows.

Moonbyul | @mo_onbyul/Instagram

Moonbyul recently shot a pictorial with Singles magazine, and also sat down with them for an interview that was “for Moonbyul by Moonbyul”.

And in the interview, she touched on her upcoming solo album! She is slated to drop her second solo mini-album titled 6sequence in 2022, and is releasing 2 pre-release singles before the album.

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One of the questions she had to “ask” herself was,

You are doing great in your solo albums, and you are doing great in many areas like variety shows as well. Have you thought of any other areas you would like to try?

Moonbyul opened up about how she usually doesn’t go on variety shows because she’s afraid of how rigid she becomes then, and shared that she hopes to eventually overcome this and go on more shows in the future-starting with Kick A Goal!

First is, I am afraid of variety shows. I tend to become rigid when I star in them. To overcome this problem, I am thinking of trying more of these variety shows, so Kick A Goal would be one of my steps to show my real playfulness and other charming personalities. And I think that’s a variety show [I would like to go on].


Here’s to seeing Moonbyul on all the shows where she can show off her trademark playful personality!

| @mo_onbyul/Instagram

Watch her talk about it here!

And don’t forget to check out her first pre-release single “G999” featuring Mirani here!