Netizens Can’t Stop Praising MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul For The Inclusive Lyrics In Her New Track “Shutdown”

Moonbyul is a true LGBTQIA+ ally!

When it comes to K-Pop allies who embrace uniqueness and make sure that everyone feels loved and included, MAMAMOO is always a group mentioned. From being true LGBTQIA+ allies, embracing all body types, and emphasizing the idea that being yourself is perfect, MAMAMOO are true role models.

In particular, member Moonbyul has recently gained attention for promoting inclusivity.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul | @mo_onbyul/ Instagram

Moonbyul recently released her track “Shutdown” featuring soloist Seori. The duo recently released a video for the track. As expected, Moonbyul and Seori are both flawless in the tracks, not only with their visuals but their beautiful voices that blend so well together.

| MAMAMOO/ YouTube 

The song itself is very passionate, and the lyrics could be deemed quite provocative to many netizens. Yet, netizens focused on something different as they quickly noticed something special about the lyrics, which made them feel incredibly proud and touched.

Looking at the words, it is a song that breaks the norms seen in K-Pop songs as Moonbyul has written a track that focuses on the relationship between two women.

This night is short. Oh, no worries. She said, ‘You can ruin me.’ She said, ‘Tonight…’

— Moonbyul and Seori

| MAMAMOO/ YouTube 

In a traditional and conservative society like Korea, it is very rare for K-Pop idols to touch upon the topic of the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly so directly like Moonbyul.

When the track was released, netizens worldwide couldn’t stop gushing about the song and how Moonbyul was once again promoting the idea of inclusiveness with her words.

Many also explained that the track was already making a difference to many people. In particular, they have seen that it has impacted Koreans who have faced prejudice because of their sexuality.

It isn’t just netizens who have been touched by the message and story behind Moonbyul’s song.

Even Korean media outlets have shone a light on the track, and one article had the headline, “Moonbyul took part in writing the lyrics of the song and delicately portrayed the love between women…

Although netizens can’t stop praising Moonbyul for her lyrics, it isn’t the first time she has gained love from netizens for ensuring that her songs are inclusive. Moonbyul has explained that she tailors her lyrics to be gender-neutral.

I don’t specify gender in my lyrics too. I don’t mention whether it is a guy or a girl. I don’t write lyrics like, ‘I broke up with my boyfriend,’ because it depends on the person listening to the song. I like to use terms that can let listeners relate.

— Moonbyul

| @moostbedone/ TikTok 

For example, in her tracks like “Mirror,” “In my room,” and more, Moonbyul uses the pronoun “You,” which doesn’t lean towards any gender or specify that the relationship spoken about follows one category.

| MAMAMOO/ YouTube  

Moonbyul isn’t the only member who has showcased the diversity of love in music videos. In Wheein‘s music video for “Goodbye,” they depicted a lesbian relationship similar to Moonbyul.

| MAMAMOO/ YouTube

Moonbyul has also stated on many occasions that she wants MAMAMOO to be a group that represents gender neutrality, whether through lyrics or the clothes that they wear.

In particular, it is on show when the member’s rock suits and heels that blur the lines between what is seen as traditional men’s and women’s clothing.

| @RBW_MAMAMOO/ Twitter

The group also ensures that everyone is represented in their music videos, and this was shown in “Hip,” which featured drag queens Nana Kim and BAMBI from Neon Milk.

| MAMAMOO/ YouTube

With all of the members truly cementing themselves as role models for all, focusing on inclusivity, it isn’t surprising why so many people love them. You can read more about MAMAMOO being LGBTQIA+ allies below.

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