MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Reveals How Her Radio Hosting Job Affects Her Daily Life

She’s so perfect at her job that it’s taken over her daily life too!

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul as an MC is incredible at her job, but she just revealed how it affects her daily life too!

Moonbyul | @mo_onbyul/Instagram

Moonbyul was the latest guest on Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung and Binnie‘s new show Hyojung And Binnie’s Sweet Home, and it was the perfect setting of fun and chaos for the three idols!

As part of the show, Moonbyul had to turn in a “moving in” form filled with information about herself, and talked about everything from her MBTI type to her favorite kind of people!

On this form, Binnie noticed something interesting, and commented,

What I found interesting is you wrote ‘My talent is hosting.’


And Moonbyul revealed that because she’s currently hosting her own radio show, Studio Moon Night, she tends to bring all her habits as an MC to her real life interactions!

I’m hosting a lot recently. So I suddenly host trivial conversations with my members too. [And they say] ‘Why are you hosting us…?’

I would care for other people’s screentime! I’d be like, ‘What do you think, Hyojung?’


As new hosts on a brand new show, Binnie asked Moonbyul to comment on their performance as MCs, with Hyojung throwing in a quick reminder to keep in mind that it’s only their second episode!

Moonbyul first savagely pointed out how it’s their second episode only, then proceeded to compliment them on how well they’re doing despite their inexperience!

Ah, episode 2! But see! It actually feels nice and cozy! I think your guests can relax here!


With Moonbyul’s faith in them, Hyojung and Binnie will only get better from here on!

Hyojung and Binnie

Watch the whole thing here!

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