MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Responds To Lesbian Or Non-Binary Question On Live

Moonbyul handled the question very well!

In true MAMAMOO fashion, Moonbyul has never shied away from controversial topics in South Korea. This stood out during a most recent incident when the star was asked a divisive question by a viewer while on live stream, and her response has made fans from all over the world happy.

A fan, whose intentions are not known, asked Moonbyul if the livestream was “for lesbians only” and whether non-binary people could be part of the livestream as well. Moonbyul, known for her quick wit and no-nonsense attitude, responded firmly — leaving no space for discussion.

What is this? What are you saying? I don’t discriminate against anyone. If you’re trying to be discriminating, please leave.

— MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

Moonyul’s response was not just another awkward and wordy sentence when faced with a controversial topic — like fans are often used to seeing from celebrities. It’s a stance and a clear indication of her commitment to inclusivity and respect for all, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Moonbyul’s statement is also a powerful reminder of the importance of inclusivity in the entertainment industry, particularly in the K-Pop world — a sector often criticized for its lack of representation and diversity. However, Moonbyul and MAMAMOO as a whole, have consistently broken these stereotypes, showing their support for the LGBT+ community on multiple occasions.

| RBW Entertainment

MAMAMOO, known for their unique style and empowering messages, have never been ones to fit into the conventional K-Pop mold. Their music videos and lyrics often challenge traditional norms and celebrate individuality. In the past, the group has subtly but significantly included rainbow flags in their performances, a universal symbol of LGBT+ pride and support.

Furthermore, the group has collaborated with gender-fluid group Pinky Cheeks, featured drag queens in their music video, and even worn pins in support of their queer fandom community. MAMAMOO has continuously pushed the boundaries of what is expected from female K-Pop idols. This has resonated deeply with fans, particularly those in the LGBT+ community, who often see themselves represented in MAMAMOO’s bold and unapologetic artistry.

Thus, Moonbyul’s response in her recent live stream is not an isolated incident but a continuation of MAMAMOO’s ongoing support for the LGBT+ community. Their actions and words contribute to a more inclusive and accepting world, both in and outside of the music industry.