MAMAMOO Have The Most “Them” Reaction To Fans Throwing Panties On Stage

“Nugu pink panties?”

During a recent MAMAMOO concert, fans threw panties on stage, earning a hilarious reaction from the group.


MAMAMOO are currently on their world tour MAMAMOO: MY CON and have been entertaining fans in different cities across America.

The tour has already been filled with iconic moments like Hwasa flashing her bra on stage during the group’s Nashville concert…

…to Solar’s inability to escape her past when “bald Solar” appeared during more than one concert.

Now fans online are LOL-ing after panties somehow ended up on stage with the group!


In Western concert culture, fans sometimes throw their bras and underwear on stage, and music artists will have a positive reaction due to the difference in the environment.

Sik-K and several other K-Hip-hop artists have embraced this and invited fans to do the same at their concerts.

During the end of their show in Chicago, MAMAMOO noticed that fans were holding up bright pink panties and began asking who they belonged to. It seems like fans said the underwear was for them and tossed them on stage.

Moonbyul goes to pick them up before handing them to Solar. Wheein takes one of the pairs, hilariously examining them before Hwasa grabs them.

Solar and Hwasa then put them on like shoulder bags before thanking the crowd for coming and bowing.

The panties are an old joke from a reimagined version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” Hwasa did in 2014 called “Pink Panties.”

Fans have been laughing at how MAMAMOO this moment was!

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