MAMAMOO Has Released Comeback Teaser Images… And Fans Are Having A Field Day

Please don’t cry, Moonbyul, look at what Moomoos are doing for ya!

MAMAMOO tweeted this teaser picture of member Moonbyul to celebrate the group’s upcoming new album and the pre-release of one of the songs, “Rainy Season”, on this album. Since then, MAMAMOO fans all over the world have found the most creative ways to stop the tear falling down Moonbyul’s cheek.


Some Moomoos stuck to the classic tissue-for-tears and tried to wipe away Moonbyul’s tears.


One Moomoo decided mere tissues won’t do — Moonbyul deserves to have her tears wiped with cash.


Then creativity took over and the fans had a blast. Some Moomoos chose to dry the tear with different gadgets.


Other Moomoos decided to collect the drop of Moonbyul.


Then there was the straw…


MAMAMOO members noticed what the Moomoos were doing and participated themselves. Members Solar and Moonbyul herself shared these pictures with the fans who were out to have some fun.


While MAMAMOO and fans are playful, the pre-released track “Rainy Season” is quite a gloomy R&B. Fans find it perfect for the rainy season, like the title suggests! Listen to it here:

Source: Dispatch