(★BREAKING) MAMAMOO Solar Appears Injured In Malaysia, Struggling To Walk

She was spotted looking injured over at the airport.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has reportedly injured her waist during the K-WAVE Music Festival held in Malaysia over the weekend.

Solar was spotted at Incheon International Airport, returning from Malaysia, and she visibly looked like she suffered a back injury. In the photo, captured by the media, Solar was seen hunched over and being assisted while walking.

MAMAMOO’s agency, RBW, has not officially released a statement on the cause of the injury but are looking into it.

UPDATE: RBW released a preliminary statement regarding Solar’s status.

“During rehearsals for the K-Wave Music Festival in Malaysia, Solar twisted her waist. She has a planned hospital visit for this afternoon. When we receive the diagnosis and results from the hospital, we will know the exact problem.”

— RBW (Mamamoo’s agency)

Source: MK Sports and Sports Donga