MAMAMOO’s Solar Had The Best Response When Questioned About Her Bare Face

“Is it okay to air that on TV?”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is a stunning visual, and everyone loves her for being a vocal and visual goddess!

On the latest episode of Boss In The Mirror, the members of MAMAMOO were visited on the shooting location of their latest comeback track, “AYA”.

The first member to arrive at the location was none other than Solar!

When she arrived, the other cast members exclaimed over her “no-makeup face”, and hilariously blurted out that they have no idea who just rolled up in the van!

Who is that? Is she a MAMAMOO member?!

Kim Sook even asked if it was okay to show her bare face on camera!

Is it okay to air that on TV?

—Kim Sook

To this, Solar nodded, and coolly responded with,

That’s my natural look.


All the cast members were in awe of how cool Solar was!

I love MAMAMOO’s members. So down-to-earth. So natural!

We all know that MAMAMOO is made of gorgeous members, with or without makeup!

Watch the whole moment here from the 0:16 mark onwards!