MAMAMOO’s Solar Duets Herself, Covers BTS, BLACKPINK And More In This New Cover

Yes, there’s really two of her!

On February 4, MAMAMOO‘s vocalist Solar released a medley cover of 15 hit K-Pop songs of 2020 on her YouTube channel, but this is not your ordinary cover. In this one, Solar actually duets herself—yes, you read right! There’s two of her!

| solarsido/YouTube

With this clever use of green screen, it looks as though the two of them—well, the two of her—are bouncing off one another to seamlessly blend 15 songs together, one after another.

| solarsido/YouTube

These songs include “Dynamite” by BTS, “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK and “Eight” by IU feat. Suga, amongst many other hits of 2020.

| solarsido/YouTube 

Check out her cover below and let us know which song you liked the best!



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