MAMAMOO’s Solar Fires Back At Malicious Comments About Her Bare Face

She clapped back in the best way imaginable!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently visited the airport on her way to Thailand, where she was full of her playful, cheery attitude.


Dressed comfortably in a velvet robe jacket, she decided to head to the airport in her minimal natural look.


However, as soon as the press photos were released, malicious netizens left rude comments that criticized her beauty.

  • “I can’t tell who she is”
  • “Ah f*ck It blows my mind how these creatures go around fooling people with makeup on. I see so many girls putting makeup on in the subway and ah sh*t”
  • “ㅗㅗ She’s not pretty”
  • “Wow I thought this was a total different person”
  • “Wow…..;;;;;;… I have no words..”
  • “All this time, I was fooled by her makeup ㅋㅋㅋ”


And Solar read those comments…


During a live broadcast that same night, Solar and Moonbyul talked about all of the malicious comments she recieved about her bare face.

“We flew to Thailand earlier today – and I showed Byul this too but – the photos… I saw the press photos.

I was surprised by my face too when I first saw it. I was shocked by my face and the comments. I’m not sure if the people who wrote the comments are watching right now, but I read them.

Everyone, you can’t. You can’t leave those kinds of comments!”

— Solar


She half jokingly asserted that she’ll sue anyone who leaves those kinds of comments.

“There were only negative comments! I’ll sue you! I’ll really do it! If you continue, I’ll sue you guys!”

— Solar


Disheartened, she tried to laugh it off by explaining how people can look different with or without makeup.

“Of course, people can get prettier with makeup, and people can look less pretty without makeup. How could you take a person and… How could you?! Eh?! You shouldn’t. Right?”

— Solar


But in all honesty, she was hurt by those photos and the comments!

“I was honestly hurt, and I was surprised by the photo.”

— Solar


She also requested the press photographers to please withhold releasing unflattering photos.

“I ask of you – regarding those kinds of photos…”

— Solar


Because fan taken photos showed Solar in a different angle with different lighting, and she looked completely different!


Watch Solar and Moonbyul clap back (starting at 1:16:53):

Source: Newsen and DogDrip


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