MAMAMOO’s Solar Tries To Make New Friends And Gets A Glimpse At Her Future Self Instead

What are the chances of this happening?

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has proven to be quite the YouTube star over the past few years. Her Solarsido channel currently has over 3 million subscribers that come to her channel each week to watch her try new things and give insight into the idol lifestyle.

In this week’s video, Solar decided to combat her shy persona by having 5 minute long conversations with strangers who all, coincidentally, had names that related to her channel. Among her collection of strangers were a middle schooler, a small child, and Xydo, who recently worked with Moonbyul.

Her 4th stranger, however, had the most in common with Solar. When doing introductions, the older woman politely introduced herself as “Kim Yongsun,” which just so happens to be Solar’s real name.

Solar was in absolute shock at the shared names. The older Yongsun continued to surprise Solar by adding that the pair both use the same “Yong” character in the Hanja versions of their names.

The pair made an even further realization when Solar asked if she was “also part of the Gwangsan Kim clan?” to which the older Yongsun replied, “Yes, we must be the same blood.”

The similarities kept coming when Solar shared that her sister “Yonghee” used the same character and Yongsun mentioned, “I have a relative named Yonghee.”

It seems as if even unexpected family share a deep bond. Where Solar was initially awkward with her other guests, she began having exciting conversation with her name twin. Both admitted that this was the first time they’d ever met a female with the “Yongsun” name.

As the conversation went on, the pair began to unconsciously mimic each other, sitting similarly and reacting with full attention. It was almost like this Kim Yongsun was a brief glimpse into what Solar might be like in the future.

While she seemed eager to be done with her 5-minute chats with her other conversational partners, when Solar was informed that her time with Kim Yongsun was over, she seemed genuinely disappointed.

The time is so short. It was so interesting.


The staff asked the older Kim Yongsun if she thought Solar was shy after their time together, and while she does believe Solar is shy, she read her like a book.

Personally, despite being shy. When working or put into a certain situation, I think she won’t be shy.

-Kim Yongsun

While this meeting was a one-time thing, we can’t help but hope that we get to see more of the double Kim Yongsun combo. What are your thoughts on Solar’s newfound relative? Let us know, and to see Solar’s complete experiment, check out the video below: