MAMAMOO’s Solar Opens Up About The Stress Of Debuting As A “Non-Visual” Girl Group

“People put us down and looked down on us.”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently talked about the pressures that she and her fellow group members faced when they debuted as a “non-visual” group.

Solar is currently a cast member on the KBS show Boss In The Mirror, and the latest episode followed her into the RBW Entertainment office building to show fans what her working environment is like!

One segment of the episode focused on RBW Entertainment’s upcoming girl group project, Purple Kiss, and showed Solar evaluating the trainees selected for the group in a weekly evaluation.

After thoroughly vetting their performances, Solar sat down with the soon-to-debut trainees and spoke to them about MAMAMOO’s own nerve-wracking debut in 2014.

Right before our debut, it felt bizarre. I was nervous and hopeful but scared as well. That’s how it was.


She then elaborated on how difficult their debut was, and how they were under tons of pressure to be successful, even though their visuals didn’t “fit” with the usual idol standard.

It was really tough. Appearance-wise, our group doesn’t have the perfect look. People said, “They won’t make it. They’ll be a failure.” They said, “You must be great onstage. Otherwise, it’ll be the end for you.”


Solar further talked about how they were reprimanded for their visuals and told to compensate by working hard, from their trainee days and long into their debut.

We were told that so often as trainees, and even after we debuted. People put us down and looked down on us. That’s how it was.


The other cast members then praised MAMAMOO for breaking the mold on what a “typical idol” is, and lauded them for their incredible talent and dedication to their profession!

MAMAMOO showcased their talent and individuality. The image of girl groups really improved thanks to them. They’re so talented!

MAMAMOO as a girl group took the K-Pop world by storm as soon as they debuted, and it’s just been going up for these 4 gorgeous and talented women!

| RBW Entertainment

Watch the whole segment here from the 5:41 mark onwards!