MAMAMOO’s Solar Stuns With Flawless Proportions In Latest Instagram Post, But One Specific Photo Has Netizens Laughing

Solar has talent, beauty, and humor!

The members of MAMAMOO are known for many things in the K-Pop world. Not only are they extremely talented and beautiful, but their personalities are second to none! Recently, member Solar showcased a combination of beauty and charisma when she took the world by storm with a recent Instagram post.

MAMAMOO’s Solar | @solarkeem/ Instagram

The idol has recently released her latest solo track “HONEY,” and it has rightly taken over with its catchy tune and standout music video.


On March 22 (KST), Solar treated fans to amazing pictures from what seemed like the filming of the music video. In the photos, Solar showcased her beautiful figure and stunning proportions…

| @solarkeem/ Instagram
| @solarkeem/ Instagram

Even amongst the gold background, Solar was definitely the only one shining as the idol’s visuals continued to wow fans.

| @solarkeem/ Instagram
| @solarkeem/ Instagram

Of course, when the images were shared, netizens couldn’t stop praising Solar for the pictures, commenting on their love for her and the beauty of the photos.

However, even though netizens worldwide can’t stop gushing about how beautiful Solar looks in the photos, if followers look right to the end of the photoset, they’d notice something that showcases Solar’s personality.

Since starting her promotions, Solar has made jokes about her outfits for the track, whether it was the beautiful, bright yellow number…

| @solarkeem/ Instagram

Or the one that Solar wore in the Instagram post! This time, it seemed like Solar wanted to be ahead of the crowd and share her own hilarious reactions to the outfits before netizens could twist it into something negative.

At the end of the stunning photos, Solar posted a picture of some pears wrapped in white netting… netting that could be seen as similar to Solar’s outfit.

| @solarkeem/ Instagram

If fans loved the pictures and shared their comments, it seemed like most MOOMOOs (MAMAMOO fans) had gone all the way through and couldn’t get over the final picture.

As expected, Solar is not only talented and beautiful but absolutely hilarious. No matter whether MAMAMOO is together or promoting alone, they always put smiles on the faces of their fans, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can watch the music video for Solar’s track “HONEY” below.

Source: @solarkeem


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