MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals How Stylists Adjust To The Rapid Weight Gain And Loss Of Idols

“We lose so much weight for the videos…”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar revealed how stylists deal with the bodyweight of idols going up and down when it comes to their costumes!

MAMAMOO appeared on the latest episode of Boss In The Mirror, where they ate a hearty meal of Korean beef and also revealed things about each other!

The members of MAMAMOO were on a strict diet, and talked about it plenty on this particular episode!

From Hwasa being on a month-long “two eggs and a banana” diet…

To their Korean beef meal being a special cheat day, they talked about how difficult it had been to resist temptation all this while!

Expressing jealousy over Moonbyul not having to diet, Solar then soon gave in and began to eat everything she couldn’t during her diet!

I just ate everything that day. I couldn’t hold back.


And soon, Hwasa and Wheein followed suit!

After watching the members eat, Kim Sook asked about the costumes worn in the MV for “AYA”. Noting that they looked very tight, she asked if anything would happen to them if the idols gained weight!

In the music video, the costumes looked so tight. Will the seams bust open if you gain weight?

—Kim Sook

Solar then revealed that because idols lose so much weight for the MV filming, the stylists always make sure to give a bit of leeway in case they gain the weight back!

We lose so much weight for the videos, that they pin down the loose fabric. Later on, they let it out. At first, they used to cut the patterns. But now, they know we’ll gain weight.

So they give it some leeway to size-up when necessary.


Watch the whole thing here!