MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals What Makes Solar Scold Her The Most

“We clashed a lot over that.”

From her bright smile and upbeat YouTube channel, one would find it hard to believe that MAMAMOO‘s Solar can get very stern. In a recent episode of Boss in the Mirror, Solar puts on her leader cap once member Hwasa is late for rehearsal.

First off, Solar displays her responsible leadership as she arrives first to practice. Following Solar come the other members, Moonbyeol and Wheein, who arrive 5 minutes before the start of the rehearsal.

Noticing one member missing, Solar questions where Hwasa is. Solar slowly starts to lose patience and starts practice without Hwasa. Upon her late arrival, Solar immediately says “stop being tardy.”

Poking fun at her late arrival, Hwasa blames the time it took to put her microphone on. To this, Solar jokingly replies “20 minutes to get a mic on?”

Hwasa reveals that being late is her worst flaw. She continues to say that because of her tardiness, Solar scolded her multiple times and that they “clashed a lot over that.”

Solar then adds to her scolding, informing the cast and the viewers that she couldn’t scold Hwasa at the start of MAMAMOO.

At first, I was too young. I didn’t know how to scold her. I yell ‘why were you late?’ Back then, she was also young. She yelled back, ‘why are you picking on me?’ We’d both end up crying.

— Solar

After a heated moment of scolding and crying, Solar shares that the two would makeup. Solar is then recognized as a responsible and great leader who only wants the best for MAMAMOO.

Check out the whole clip below: