Here’s MAMAMOO’s Solar Secret To Stop Impulse Buying When Online Shopping

It’s been in front of us all along!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has become an exemplary idol-YouTuber over the past few years. With her channel, Solarsido, having passed over 3 million subscribers, it’s safe to call Solar a YouTube queen. In her most recent upload, Solar used her massive platform to let her subscribers in on her money saving secrets.

“Hello, Solarsido!” | 솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube 

Solar admitted that she, like most modern internet users, struggles with the temptations of online shopping.

“You know how people shop online a lot? I’m also one of those people. There are items that I planned to buy and items that I did not.” | 솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube

She began her life hack simply by telling her fans to “use the shopping cart feature,” before elaborating on her method.

“The second tip is… Use the shopping cart feature.” | 솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube
“I put them all in the shopping cart first as if I’m going to buy it.” | 솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube

Solar first said to put items in the shopping cart to get the satisfaction of impulse purchasing without the spending.

“I put them all in the shopping cart as if they’re going to be mine soon. I’d think about the size and color carefully before that.” | 솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube

She then explained that she waits a day before returning to her shopping cart to see what items she added. When looking back she said “I wonder why I put certain things in the day before.”

“And I go into the site again the next day and take a look. Then, a few of them get taken out, I remove them.” | 솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube 

She does not stop at one day however, as she said that “The next day, I go in again and do the same thing.”

“The next day I go in again, and do the same thing.” | 솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube

This is not the end of the hack, however. Solar finished the segment by saying:

About 3 days later, I’ll keep thinking about it. Like, when I still think ‘I should buy this’, I buy it. But… Of the times that I bought things right away after putting them in the shopping cart, there have been items that were failures. And there were a lot of things that made me wonder why I bought them. They would go to waste when I throw them out. I had a lot of experiences like that. So I use the shopping cart a lot.


“I also use that method a lot.” | 솔라시도 solarsido/YouTube

While a week to wait for a purchase may seem like a long time, Solar’s method definitely makes a shopper stop and think about the items they are considering purchasing. To see more of Solar’s financial advice, check out her video below: