MAMAMOO’s Solar Shares Just How Harshly The Members Diet While Filming MVs

She opened up about it.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar revealed the shockingly harsh diet the members of the group go through prior to filming music videos!

On the latest episode of Boss In The Mirror, the members arrived at the shooting location for their latest comeback track, “AYA”.

As the other cast members got a look at the elaborate set design for their comeback MV, they also marveled at how pretty and well-put-together the members of MAMAMOO looked!

As they showed off their cool, intricate yet difficult choreography, Solar revealed that even though they were dancing this hard, they hadn’t had anything to eat for days!

Our diet peaked that day. Feeling weak and working on an empty stomach that day.


Solar further revealed that since the shoot usually takes at least two days, they don’t eat at all in that time period!

Since the shoot continues the next day. It’s not over in a day. It’s divided into two parts. Eating makes us bloated the next day. So we don’t eat at all.


Watch Solar’s diet revelations here, from the 6:11 mark onwards!