MAMAMOO’s Solar Introduced Her Sister For The First Time And Fans Were Floored By Her Beauty

That’s some powerful genes!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar held a live broadcast where she introduced her older sister for the first time ever!


Solar was happy and giddy as she revealed her sister, Kim Yong Hee, for the first time ever!


The two sisters talked with the fans for over an hour as they shared hilarious childhood stories and recent antics!


The Yong sisters were so alike as they loved to eat without a care in the world. They also shared some fashion tips for the shopaholic fans!


Fans were more interested in Yong Hee’s beauty that mirrored her younger sister’s!


Fans continually praised the sisters’ power genetics as they couldn’t believe how beautiful they both were!


Not only are the Yong sisters gorgeous, but they’re also hilariously down to Earth as well! Hopefully, Miss Kim Yong Hee will make more appearances on Solar’s live broadcasts!