MAMAMOO uploads edited “Decalcomanie” MV in response to dating violence claims

MAMAMOO’s “Decalcomanie” MV has been re-uploaded with edits made due to a controversial scene.

On November 7th, MAMAMOO released their fourth mini album Memory and promoted the title track, “Decalcomania.” The music video was also released on the video with the four members putting on a spectacular performance.

Immediately after the release of the music video, member Solar was subject to criticisms after a scene allegedly depicted abuse. The scene involved Solar and the lead actor in an elevator.Then, it progressed to the actor forcefully grabbing Solar’s wrist, pushing her to the wall and kissing her.
The deleted scene from MAMAMOO’s music video allegedly depicting dating violence.

Comments quickly started pouring in, accusing the scene of promoting domestic abuse. Overseas fans also expressed their concerns, further pointing out this seems normal in Korean dramas as well.

In response to the controversy, MAMAMOO’s agency immediately took the music video from Youtube and other platforms. The controversial scene has since been deleted.

Solar also talked about the controversy on MAMAMOO’s comeback showcase earlier today. She revealed that all members agreed on a powerful concept and filmed different kissing scenes. Although the three members were displayed as being powerful in the scene, Solar explained that she portrayed hers differently. Solar ended the statement by confessing that she was proud of their music video but understood that concepts can sometimes be interpreted differently by its viewers.

Meanwhile, the edited version of the music video is now available on their official Youtube account.

Source: Dispatch and EToday

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