MAMAMOO’s Wheein Reveals What Made Her Choose Singing Over Art

“I thought about my career a lot…”

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein revealed what pushed her to become a singer!

| RBW Entertainment

Wheein is known to be a powerhouse of talents, and her interests have always leaned towards the arts. In an interview for her solo comeback, Wheein revealed that ever since she was young, she’s loved both singing and dancing, as well as art.

I thought about my career a lot, and I started thinking about it from a young age. I like drawing a lot as well. It was between art and singing and dancing, so I was very hesitant between the two paths.


Wheein then revealed that to finally decide on a career, she asked herself which one brings her more happiness, finding the answer to be performing onstage as a singer!

When this became my job, I decided to think of the one that would make me happier, so I decided to dream about being a singer.


And after years of training and hard work, she debuted as the lead vocalist and dancer of MAMAMOO, with an incredible roster of solo songs as well!

Wheein made her solo comeback with the mini-album Redd, and title track “Water Color”.

Watch her talk about her career decisions here!