Wheein Finally Reveals Why MAMAMOO Wore “Teletubbies” Costumes At The Golden Disc Awards

They were iconic for this 😂

On a recent episode of the SBS Radio show DinDin’s Music High, MAMAMOO‘s Wheein finally revealed something MooMoos have been dying to know: why on Earth did they wear Teletubbies costumes at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards?

Shortly before the 34th Golden Disc Awards aired in January last year, it was revealed that the year’s theme would be “Winter Wonderland.” With the stage decorated to look like a snow-capped amusement park, every act in the lineup showed up looking like royalty.

That is, every act except MAMAMOO. While other female stars like TWICE and Chungha graced the stage in glittering outfits, MAMAMOO shocked everyone by showing up dressed as characters from the popular 90s children’s television show, Teletubbies.

Each member suited up as a different character—Moonbyul as Tinky Winky (known as Boradori in Korean), Hwasa as Dipsy (known as Ddubi), Solar as Lala (Nana), and Wheein as Po (Ppo). In their brightly colored costumes, the members stuck out like a sore thumb next to their fellow stars—and gave fans a huge laugh while doing it.

But why did MAMAMOO decide to take their outfits in a completely different direction to the “Winter Wonderland” theme? Over a year since the 2020 Golden Disc Awards, Wheein finally revealed all to DinDin on his radio show.

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At the time, many fans thought that MAMAMOO wore the costumes to signal an upcoming collaboration with SPAO on its Teletubbies clothing line. Others thought the members were just trying to bring humor to viewers. However, the truth is completely different: it was all a misunderstanding! “The asked us to prepare parade costumes,” Wheein began explaining on the radio show, “But we were the only ones who received the incorrect instructions that we should wear cosplay outfits.”

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So, everyone else came dressed as princes and princess outfits, but we were the only ones wearing Teletubbies costumes.

— Wheein

Naturally, it seems the members were a little mortified when they realized their mistake. Wheein laughed while recalling how they couldn’t even get themselves to leave the waiting room knowing what they’d look like next to the pretty outfits everyone else was wearing—which may explain why they looked so awkward when they came out on stage.

However, in true MAMAMOO style, Wheein revealed the members eventually came to terms with their outfit fail and enjoyed it just as much as fans did. They may not have been in line with the dress code, but they definitely had the most memorable outfits that night!