MAMAMOO’s Wheein Will Not Be Attending The Seoul Music Awards Due To Health Concerns

She will not be attending the event.

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is to sit out the 29th Seoul Music Awards due to health concerns.

On January 29, RBW Entertainment released a statement announcing her inability to participate at the event.

Hello, This is RBW Entertainment.

At the hospital, MAMAMOO member Wheein received an examination due to exhibiting cold symptoms. The results then showed that she has been diagnosed with type A flu.

Following the doctor’s recommendation for her to rest in order to recover, she will not be attending the 29th Seoul Music Awards on January 30 (Thursday).

We apologize for causing concern with the sudden news to many fans who have been waiting, and we will do our best to make sure that Wheein recovers well and is able to greet fans soon.

Thank you.

—RBW Entertainment


We wish you a speedy recovery, Wheein!

Source: Naver