MAMAMOO’s CEO Reveals Members’ Clash Of Opinions (And Next Comeback!)

Sometimes differing opinions can be a great thing.

Few people know more about MAMAMOO than Kim Do Hoon, co-CEO of RBW, who has been the group’s CEO since they debuted in 2014.

In a recent interview with OSEN, Kim Do Hoon revealed something fans have long suspected about the members: Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein and Hwasa all have completely different ideas about how MAMAMOO’s career should go. But is a clash of opinions always a bad thing for a group?

One secret Kim Do Hoon divulged to fans in the interview is that the group’s latest hit single, “HIP” (along with their album “Reality in Black”), was actually supposed to be released in January 2020, when there’d be plenty of time to prepare and less competition on the charts. So what made the company change their minds?

Well, it wasn’t the company’s decision at all—it was down to the members. Kim Do Hoon shared that one member wanted to take a long period of vacation, so they decided to bring the release of “HIP” forward.

Wheein on vacation with Hwasa in Vietnam.

But other members had different ideas for how they wanted to start the new year.

We decided to work on solo albums with Solar and Moonbyul first, since they wanted to work more instead of going on a long break.

Kim Do Hoon

It’s not always fun and games for this pair!

Kim Do Hoon went on to explain that this isn’t a one-time occurrence. The members always have slightly different opinions when it comes to group activities. Since comebacks and other OT4 activities require one unified path, that ultimately means that some members get their way, while others don’t.

Even though they’re one group, all four members are bound to have different thoughts.

Kim Do Hoon

“HIP” showed what it would be like if all four members followed different paths in life.

But that’s why the CEO always takes the members’ opinions into account when it comes to their solo activities. For example, when Wheein felt too sick to perform “Good Bye” on Yoo Huiyeol’s Sketchbook, the company cancelled it to make her comfortable.

Moonbyul told RBW that she wants to focus on performing this year and meet up with her fans more, so MooMoos can expect plenty of opportunities to see their idol in 2020! Kim Do Hoon also shared a special secret: Moonbyul will probably be the next member to release her solo album!

Moonbyul’s first album, “Selfish”, featured Seulgi of Red Velvet.

Since Solar has just released her solo single, Kim Do Hoon revealed that she’ll carry on working on an album along with her YouTube channel, solarsido.

Sometimes Kim Do Hoon makes suggestions to the members, but they don’t always heed his word. For example, he thought it would be a good idea for Hwasa follow in the footsteps of the Hwasa Show from MAMAMOO’s concert with more content. However, she decided she’s on enough broadcasts already and wants to focus on rest and preparing her solo mini album.

So, is it a bad thing when every member wants something different? In MAMAMOO’s case, definitely not. Kim Do Hoon wants the members to be able to tell their own story and express themselves through group and solo comebacks, so it’s important that every member is vocal about their opinions.

I just have to help make decisions when the members have a clash of opinions, as well as push decisions to suit what each member wants to do.

Kim Do Hoon

And the most important thing is that the members know it’s okay to think differently.

The MAMAMOO members respecting and understanding each other’s boundaries, colors, and preferences is really nice.

Kim Do Hoon

All in all, Kim Do Hoon sounds like a great producer and CEO! And for fans who are craving another group hit like “HIP”, he has some good news: a rough comeback timeframe!

I think a group album will come sometime in the middle of the year.

Kim Do Hoon

Kim Do Hoon, co-CEO of RBW and MAMAMOO’s producer.
Source: OSEN, OSEN and OSEN