MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals The 4 Secret Tricks Idols Use To Stop Sweating On Stage

Here’s how Solar and other idols stay perfectly cool and dry despite their strenuous choreographies.

Idols are often so clean and dry on stage during Seoul’s hot summers, you’d be forgiven for thinking they have the magical ability to not sweat at all. However, MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently revealed that she naturally sweats a lot: “My armpits, head, I sweat from everywhere.” That said, she went on to explain that she can’t have sweaty armpits when she’s in her stage outfit—so how does she prevent it? In a new video on her YouTube channel, solarsido, Solar explained four ways idols stay cool and dry.

1. Scalp cooling spray

One of the tricks Solar revealed idols use is scalp cooling spray—a canned foam that you push out onto your head.

MAMAMOO’s Solar | solarsido/YouTube

It feels refreshing instantaneously,” Solar explained, but she did go on to say that it’s best for sudden heat. When it’s constantly hot, like it is at the peak of summer, she has to try other tricks.

| solarsido/YouTube

2. Sweat pads

According to Solar, fans have long wondered how MAMAMOO avoid armpit sweat on stage when it’s hot. The idols’ trick? Sweat pads. Solar showed off her armpit sweat pads, which have a sticky side and a dry, soft side.

| solarsido/YouTube

The sticky side affixes to the armpit area inside stage outfits, while the dry side absorbs any sweat before it can make it through to the fabric.

| solarsido/YouTube

3. Sports cooling spray

Sports cooling spray is a trick Solar says her labelmates ONEUS use a lot more than MAMAMOO does. Rather than spraying it onto your body as you do with scalp spray, sports cooling spray goes on your stage outfits themselves.

| solarsido/YouTube

Unfortunately, while it does work well, Solar says it has a strong, choking smell like bug spray. There is an alternative that spells better, but it also leaves wet patches on clothes.

| solarsido/YouTube

4. Cooling sheets

Last but not least, cooling sheets are one of the most common ways idols and fans alike can stay cool in Korea. These sticky sheets cling to your forehead and providing a cooling sensation similar to eating mint.

| solarsido/YouTube

Solar says cooling sheets are great for making you feel comfortable in hot weather, but she can’t use them when she has makeup on for obvious reasons.

| solarsido/YouTube

Watch Solar’s full video for yourself here: