MAMAMOO’s Solar takes on her first challenge as MC on tonight’s MBC Music Core

Solar from girl group MAMAMOO will be making a special appearance on this week’s MBC Music Core episode as an MC, joining SHINee‘s Minho and Block B‘s Zico.

On April 4th, MAMAMOO’s agency Rainbow Bridge confirmed that Solar will be taking up the role as special MC, temporarily replacing MC Kim So Hyun. Through the agency, Solar said, “I will be an MC today on ‘Music Core.’ I’m very nervous, but I’ll do my best! Don’t miss it! Please look forward to Solar!”

This will be Solar’s first stint in the MC role. But viewers are expecting towards her appearance tonight as she is not only known for her powerful vocals, but bubbly personality and outstanding charm.

Recently, MAMAMOO released their latest funky and groovy single “AHH OOP” with singer-songwriter eSNa.

Source: Star News