The Man Who Raped And Physically Assaulted An 8-Year-Old Girl Finally Has His Face Exposed After 11 Years

He’s set to be free next year.

The face of Cho Do Soon, the man who raped and physically assaulted an 8-year-old girl, has finally been exposed after 11 years.

On April 24, MBC covered the realities of the “Sex Offender e-Notification”, the only method of the public’s protection against sex offenders. It was discovered that a considerable number of registered addresses of sex offenders were the addresses of random locations such as graves, factories or vacant spaces. Moreover, it was revealed that there were sex offenders that were openly living in locations that they were prohibited from.


Examples of such cases included a sex offender living next to an elementary school, a pastor who sexually assaulted a minor but was once again leading a ministry at the same location, a child sex offender who was involved in volunteer work at an orphanage and more.


Due to the graveness of the situation, MBC has decided to reveal the face of Cho Do Soon, a man who was convicted of kidnapping, raping and beating an 8-year-old girl in a restroom of a church. The girl suffered injuries to her internal organs but survived the incident while Cho Do Soon was sentenced to 12 years in prison.


Cho Do Soon is expected to be released from prison in December 2020. But despite current laws such as the *Employment Restriction System, which were established to help prevent future crime by sexual offenders, there is nothing that can currently be done even if Cho Do Soon were to live next door to the victim of his case after he is released.

*The South Korean government set up an”Employment Restriction System” that prohibits a person who has been convicted of sexual offenses from operating or being employed at an institute related to children/adolescents for a set period of time from the day of their release.


MBC reported that the decision to reveal Cho Do Soon’s photo was made after careful consideration in order to raise awareness in society. A law that requires the face of suspects of special crimes to be exposed was created after Cho Do Soon’s case but his case was excluded from the group of particular cases and as a result, has been kept hidden for the past 11 years.

Meanwhile, Cho Do Soon, who is currently imprisoned at a prison in Pohang is expected to be released on December 13, 2020.

Source: Herald Economy and Dispatch