This Man’s Ex Left Him Because Of His Weight, Now He’s Hot And Doesn’t Want Her Back

Ken a young man from Thailand was dumped by his girlfriend for being fat, but he transformed his body in just 4 months and now she can eat her heart out.

The only reason his girlfriend dumped him was because of his not so perfect body, and she left him with words that would leave a scar in his heart.

“A person like you will never get six-pack abs.”

— Ken’s ex-girlfriend

Not long after he got dumped, Ken heard that his ex-girlfriend had begun dating an in-shape guy, which made him both upset and determined to prove that he can also get abs.

With his ex-girlfriend’s parting hurtful comment still in mind, Ken hit the gym every day and lost 10kgs in 4 months and sculpted those perfect abs she said he’d never get.

Ken’s ex-girlfriend heard the news and expressed to Ken that she would like to get back with him…

But Ken had no intention of getting back with her and avenged his broken heart by rejecting her.

“I will not forget the words she left me because they were so painful and left me scars. I was very discouraged, but I got over the trauma myself.”

— Ken

Ken’s story went viral and he is now living his life as a model.

Source: Insight